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Coupᵜ                                                                            updated 10-23-21

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CoupᴥByte 5

Huntington and ST Cancel FBI  Honey Pot ops

Huntington takes Shelby's recommendation on FBI special ops.  Shelby states the FBI does not recover and flip flops out of control that would drag other departments down with them.  ST puts shell division Ted put together in for back up.  Hunting confirms that a Inside Intel Master Spy outlet has informal plans to use  the agency to take down other agencies e.g. Trojan House

Huntington Answers Question

Did 9-11 happen again in 2021? Yes the code used was 2021 two planes, 0 completes operation, two planes, 1 finish op to hit the white house.

Afghanistan would be considered a direct hit on the white house and considered the 2021's 9-11 making the White House the biggest joke world wide.   Huntington adds that they uncovered communications that there is more to come.

Puppet Show Crypto Notes

Bi-den Bi-Used to get gay and bi sexual votes. den-White House bunker. The only target missed on 9-11. Irish Catholic; reminder of JFK flip flop with the Mafia Union connection with communist and related corrupt socialist  organizations.

Comey suggests a point man for the commies.

Madoff Madeoff with the money e-Euler's number in ref. to compound interest.

Wray Back up to Bi-den lost way. Once the mafia is done with getting the votes (election fraud) it is Bye-den den-end.

Mueller mule for getting things done no matter what it takes.

den-ben  $100 plates to pay for everything


ST and Huntington got it right allowing the next generation to get a good look at how American corruption works.  Many Americans did not know or could fathom just how many communist and related leftist and socialist organizations were active in the US.  As this fog lifts from the boiling brain washing, like uncovering the pot's lid just hop out onto the right path. The lefties drugs act's as an accelerate (it speeds up the process for their agenda). e.g. If everyone suddenly just stopped doing drugs...the left's empire would crumble over night.  That is how powerful drugs are on society.  The people did with tobacco, do it with drugs.

Green Anarchism

Politicians use environmental issues to steal from the People.

The Pinch

ST gives quick advice on out of control governments....throwing money around and at problems does not fix any thing,  actually it just makes things worse.  Fixing things and situations requires someone that knows what they are doing.  Other than that it is simply out of control spending headed for bankruptcy....very much like a coke addict  or a jealous wife running up her husbands credit cards to get even because she didn't get her way on a issue.  Signaling a government shut is going to shut down holiday spending for years to come.  It is to our understanding the reasoning behind raising the debt ceiling is to do before the credit rating drops then worrying about the problem later...kicking the can down the road.  Considering Democrats are very much like drug dealers with a tainted inventory of fentanyl,  the interest rate will sore while the credit rating drops.  Even if they did pull off the increase....inflation will eat them alive as evident so far due to inflation and will increase with the habit to spend more fixing nothing but their own high like a drunk on power.  That is why Xmas comes early these days.  This Xmas is about cutting up credit cards.

Keep in mind interest rates that the people pay will go up...the Fed rates is another matter but typically will follow.  e.g.  if one is paying 10-15% on a credit card or bank note with a Fed rate of close to 0% is a  inflation byproduct...resulting in a unstable of the economy.

Ballot Stuffing

Border Stuffing-same thing

Hit lists

New trend of off season shopping for religious related celebrations.  As religious feuds flare, people opt not to associate their buying trends due to the possibility of the information being used against them. 


Huntington:  The government fell prey to communism,  low paying government jobs that no body wanted were taken (given) by (to) an army of infiltraitors.  Over decades these infiltraitors rose into management and started to organize the labor process throughout the government.  Considering this onslaught has been uncovered does make it go away, as this process has taken decades to construct what you will experience is the desperate modes to keep it going.  ST:  It should be obvious that the do nothings and go getter dones have been separated.  Notice the lie stackers are coming out of the wood work. 

Shelby Adds to Report

Her finding states the FBI turns Gestapo regardless....indicates primary due to the amount time and resources the communist poured into the project reflecting a all out desperate quest that ends in violence.

Other Departments go down the same path...FBI tosses out a bone here in there to keep hidden operations going.

She says Holiday shopping will be hindered by criminal looking people in stores (tattoos all over the head and face) scaring off shoppers and creating a stand still in shopping as well as on line ordering as online fraud has gotten out of hand.

Defund law enforcement and bring in more criminals...sounds  hostile.  The people behind the thinking, did they actually learn this in our colleges?

Huntington Joke:  It's 2021 and you still have politicians that think like monkeys...maybe they should consider making bananas a currency .  What Shelby has taught us is that the process of cleaning out the government we had in place was flawed.  e.g.  think of it as a floor full of dirt...and pushing the pile of dirt on the floor from room to room.  She pointed out all we needed to do was to limit the pile of dirt because the amount of dirt currently being push around was leaving more dirt behind in some of the rooms.  Sweeping department short comings under the carpet seem to be the go to.  Shoveling the blame when things go wrong is how communists hide and keep a low profile.  Shelby said there was so much of it, you would have to say they traffic signals.

Shelby noted that the Stasi movement was obvious and in plain sight, just not who you would expect.  She predict China's tech sector will sink like a mobster with cement shoes and claims Canada will be the future Silicon Valley of leading edge technology as California sets a precedent for mismanagement and political corruption for the hi-tech companies in the U.S.   Many companies have resorted to moving and down sizing in order to escape evil political money grabbers.

The violence surge will expand to everyday government a result of removing and abuse of front line defenses (police, border, national guard and military). 

China will increase its communist presence in Taiwan via a political out numbering the countries citizenship.

Shelby's Huntington Joke:  Scotty where's the shields... the dumbocraps took em down, sir.  Well get them back up. Yes, sir.

Huntington and ST Gear up to connect with Shelby's Op

Both are taking inventory in what they both say is a op jump.  Penel remarked she was deep and needs a hand.

Border Violence

Miguel: Criminal Organizations see a opportunity to take over and control unsecured borders with the assistance of corrupt political insiders...when we looked at the data it was a easily recognized crime where a person on the inside simply opens the gates for the criminals for a cut of the action.  It is a replay from past events world wide where the vulnerable are used as a shield and someone shoots into the crowd to make a horrific scene.  This is a well documented war tactic used by terrorist.  This is expected to happen soon to in order to create chaos and ignite a war at the border that was made to look like US Agents killing illegal immigrants but in actuality were insiders working with Cartels.

Huntington Joke:  Xmas is Trumps fault and if Hilary would of won Biden wouldn't be President.

Rosary  "Ross"

Hitman known for taking a guitar string rosary to strangle targets.  Although he uses many of other methods to kill his prey, he is most famous among circles with his wire rosary hits dubbed the "Cheese Cutter".

Shelby Chimes in

Border Crime

A manufactured Border War would be a desperate move by the Damocraps to shift public attention away from Election Fraud.  It will be done in phases...the first phases well heat up the border with violence that would lead to a war at the border. 


Ross made his first kill accidentally and is a never got caught that escalated.  ST cornered him while he was making hits for the mafia and high profile corporate/political clients.  ST uses him to train his agents on real life situations. ST will be sending Ross out to Shelby for professional guidance.

Ross meets with Shelby and today at a mafia hitsite.  ST is checking off whether Shelby has the stomach for being a hitman under cover agent. spit at home with the kids.

Ed:  Let's step back and think it out...why would the Damocraps put a Dip-Shit President and VP into office. 

On and Off Hook Switch

Mafia Politics


Intercepted Intel on Americans are so stupid they fall for cons over and over was code about the FBI

Hitman Blitz with a twist...taking out high profile criminals.  Mafia's cleaning house is like a stock market crash,  even the ones that thought they can hide behind government jobs.

Unions want to remind every body why we got rid of them in the first place

Was Nixon actually tricked into Water Gate by Rhino's and the Mafia Left Damocraps to disgrace the party and accelerate  their communist plot?

Universal is a communist term used to promote community compliance,  Religion, property, rights etc.  e.g. catholic claim that it is a universal religion.  Everyone (Universal) must comply to their communist rules, or else.

Oregon is boxing in the military bases in Washington, this would require to add military bases breaking down the anti military surge  with jobs and putting forth anti military stings in the area hot spots.  e.g. Oregon-East Palo Alto, Washington-Palo Alto

Stolen by communist spies, shot down by an enemy and used against...broken record.

ST is what you call a cloned birth and many phases of his life and living forever conquering corruption and evil with his wife Penel.


Huntington-Special Operations Executive Officer, retired

Russ-Hacking Specialist, left and went to Cyber, transferred back to be with Shelby

Zhen- International Communications

Penelope, Penel- Special Operations, semi-retired, Jenifer_ St & Penel baby girl, Sven_baby boy, another baby on the way, retired


Swanson-Identity Theft

Carl-Government Fraud Head


Amul- Computers

Savana- Genocide decoding



ST-Operations Specialist OS, active-retired; logistics. retired

Ms P now Shelby-was a Field Agent, original Penel look alike, married to Spit, adopted by Penel and ST

Nancy-Report Manager

Phil-GAS General Ambassador of Security

Batez-Stock Market

Betty-under cover specialist, head of special ops, ST's top agent

Steveo,Steve,STP, Spit,-op equipment, specialist. Replaced ST, Ops Head, married to Shelby


Shelby-Ms P temp name Head of Counter Investigations, legal daughter of Penel and ST, Married to Spit

Brad-food analyst

Ted--Pilot, Next in charge, currently in charge, moved into the field under cover badapples.op, Runs ST business.

Shawn-Religion analyst

Peggy-criminal war specialist

Shell Shelly- HR





Zoe- Disease

Phil- General Ambassador of Security

Steve nick name Hollywood: Video Fraud Division Head

Sandra- Head of the Special Task Force specializing in Psychological Warfare

Angele a former DEA agent- border op

Miguel for Border Corruption

Jody and Kemp recruits


LSDB-Large Scale Dirty Bombs

MSM-Militant Socialist Movement


Mafia Cat Fight MCF.ops

Demafia-Democratic Mafia Party (DMP), Demob

CCP-Communist Catholic Party